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There are times life runs smoothly and then an unexpected loss is experienced causing a grief reaction with many confusing and overwhelming emotions  The loss may be through the death of a loved one of a non-death loss, sch as job loss, loss of possessions, acquired disabilities, or any life changing event.

Grief is an ongoing process of adjusting to that loss and making meaning out of life again.  Grief is complex and multidimensional and is as unique as one’s fingerprint.

Kathy Cherven

Individual counseling

for Adults, Adolescents, and Children

Family Counseling

for up to 8 family members

Parents Counseling

Grieving the death of a child


4+ week loss-specific groups


Kathy conducts four-week Loss-Specific Group Sessions since certain losses present specific grief issues that need to be addressed in a supportive environment. Groups will be formed when there is a minimum of 6 participants. Registration is required.

Groups May Include:

  • Child Loss (Age Specific)
  • Adult Child Loss
  • Addiction Loss
  • Trauma Group

Contact Kathy today to register for a group.  Once the registration reaches the minimum sessions will begin.


Request Group Session

Session Fees


60 Minute Session:  $90

45 Minute Session:  $80

Medicare:  $55

Family Session:  $120

Payment Terms

Group Session:  Pricing varies on size of group.  Groups are formed when a minimum of 6 participants are available.

103 E. Jefferson St., Morris, IL  60450  |  (815) 416-9036

We are still seeing clients during this time in my office following CDC guidelines, or via telehealth if preferred. Please reach out if you'd like to schedule an appointment at (815) 416-9036.

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