6-Weeks Later: Images of Love, Loss and Living On

Author: Kathy Cherven | Date: August 2, 2016

6-Weeks Later: Images of Love, Loss and Living On I’ve always believed in the power of the expressive arts for those who are mourning. Sometimes words feel inadequate when trying to describe the emotions of grief and the arts provides the opportunity to give vision and expression to the individual reactions. This was especially evident with the photography workshop we just completed on “Images of Love, Loss, and Living On”. The outcome far exceeded my expectations as you will see with the pictures I post (participants signed releases to post). Last night was our open house and family and friends came to look at the beautiful photography gallery representing the love, loss, and hope for the future.

I encourage you to look closely at the captions that interpret what that particular picture means to the individual. You may see the same picture more than once and that is the beauty of the interpretation; what may be described as sadness to one is described as hope by another. Sometimes it was challenging to put the captions but that is the beauty of group work. Everyone helps each other and with discussion of pictures comes connection with those who understand.

I am truly blessed to be part of this experience. Since I want to post quite a few pictures, I will do so over the next few days so the detail and beauty can be appreciated.

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