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Individual counseling
For Adults, Adolescents, and Children
Family Counseling
For up to 8 family members
Parents Counseling
Grieving the death of a child
The Grieving Tree display with chairs and memorial wall decor.
The Grieving Tree

Over the past six months, Kathy and I have been remodeling our office and lobby spaces. One of the things that we both wanted was a memorial piece to recognize the loved ones that we have lost.

Thus, THE GRIEVING TREE. Each leaf on The...

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Hourglass with silhouette on wooden floor.
One More Day

What would it feel like to talk to your loved one, hug them, hold them, feel their heartbeat; for just one more day? Seems impossible doesn’t it, but in this world of technology, it actually happened, or did it?

Let me tell you what happened...

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Glass orb inverts landscape, "Our Upside-Down World" text.
Our Upside-Down World

As the Coronavirus continues to advance, so do my concerns for those grieving the death of a loved one prior to the pandemic. I think it is inspiring to read the posts on social media addressing all aspects of this pandemic, from what it feels...

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Payment Terms

Payments: Payment Terms: Clients will be responsible to make payment prior to session. Payments can be made using any of the methods listed under Payment Options.

Payment Options: We accept Cash, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Insurance: Deductible: You’ll pay the full fee at the time of service. Once your deductible is met you will only have to pay your co-pay.

Accepted Insurance: We accept insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield