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Some grieve through “doing” . This can be through making a garden, building something in memory of a loved one, starting a foundation, creating a ritual, just to name a few. Others are able to express their loss through emotions and gain insight into their grief experience by journaling, drawing, or through the expressive arts. Most have a combination of the two.

Kathy Cherven

Individual counseling

for Adults, Adolescents, and Children

Family Counseling

for up to 8 family members

Parents Counseling

Grieving the death of a child


4+ week loss-specific groups

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    Kathy Cherven, RN, LCPC

    103 E. Jefferson St.
    Morris, IL  60450

    (815) 416-9036

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    103 E. Jefferson St., Morris, IL  60450  |  (815) 416-9036

    We are still seeing clients during this time in my office following CDC guidelines, or via telehealth if preferred. Please reach out if you'd like to schedule an appointment at (815) 416-9036.

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