Faith through difficult times

Author: Kathy Cherven | Date: March 24, 2020

I find that the Bible quotes posted on FB, along with the live stream church services, help calm my anxieties, reminding me that God is always with us. There are also inspiring videos on YouTube that help with faith and spirituality.

Faith can be affected during times of crisis, especially when a death is involved, and now even more with the uncertainty of the impact of the Coronavirus on the world. Questions like “Why does God let bad things happen?”, and “Why me?” are 2 of the comments frequently made following a major loss.

When questions like these are made from clients, I don’t even try to answer because most of the responses made are not helpful at all. One response frequently made is “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” This reply is totally useless as it can cause shame for even asking the question. Actually, the person isn’t necessarily expecting an answer, it’s just how they’re feeling in that moment.

I have been doing grief work for many years and I am frequently amazed by what clients share with me. A few years ago, I worked with a client who had experienced a profound loss. One day the topic of faith came up and discussed that many people had made the above comment at the time of the services. She wasn’t offended by the comment but did challenge it. “I believe God does give you more than you can handle. That’s how your faith grows.”

I think of that statement frequently, especially now when it would be so easy to abandon faith and surrender to anxiety and depression. I feel that all of the outreach from social media, YouTube and our communities are God’s way of reminding us that He sees us and knows our fears and we are not alone. God works through each and every one of us to provide hope and encouragement.

God Bless, Kathy

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