The Grieving Tree

Author: Kathy Cherven | Date: March 20, 2022

Over the past six months, Kathy and I have been remodeling our office and lobby spaces. One of the things that we both wanted was a memorial piece to recognize the loved ones that we have lost.

Thus, THE GRIEVING TREE. Each leaf on The Grieving Tree is representative of a lost loved one. As clients go through treatment, they have a symbolic representation with them as they work through the multitude of emotions that comes with grief work.

The leaves are also visual cues that individuals are not alone in their grief. Clients are able to stand in solidarity with each other and learn from The Grieving Tree, that they are not alone in their journey!!

Restoring life after loss.

Kathy Cherven RN, LCPC, Loss & Grief Counseling

Special thanks to Gary Spears at Pro Signs in Coal City for his craftsmanship on the tree and leaves

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